About us


AUTODIFFERENT S.A was established in 1986 in Crete under trading

name KLEARCHOS S.A. The company was founded by Klearchos

Kanakakis and started as a small family business of car rental

situated in Rethymnon Crete.


The progress of the company was rising the following years and it

rapidly grew and managed to evolve and develop in the industry of

car rental in Crete.


Nowdays the company has a modern fleet which is renewed

annually with brand new cars. Total fleet of company is 250 vehicles

and 15 different car groups. Company has several facilities and

offices all over Crete with a view to the best customers support.


AUTODIFFERENT has over 30 years success in the field of car rentals.

Our company has many dedicated satisfied clients that they trust us

every time they visit the island of Crete.


AUTODIFFERENT is different than the other car rental companies,

our target all these years is focusing in providing excellent service

and customer support in affordable rates.